Saturday, September 23, 2006

friend or foe

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Anonymous said...


charlie said...

Can a mini-dinosaur be either? He'd be foe if bigger, no doubt about it. But, then, so would much else in this life.

steve said...

good inquisitive look!

MMM said...

Very cool. Nice depth of field.

floots said...

not doing much
- it's my alter-ego :)

polona said...

now that's a change! thanks, aa! :)

charlie - or, rather, can a human be either to a mini-dinosaur? it's all in the perspective...

on both sides, i think :)
thank you, steve!

thanks, mmm!

could be mine, too (and i love the heat) :)
perhaps that's why he showed no fear of me
cheers, floots

Masago said...

Enjoyed the photo. And Floots comment got me chuckling. :-)

polona said...

thanks, masago!
and i agree on floots' comment :)