Tuesday, September 19, 2006


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Anonymous said...

Well done!

samuru999 said...

Very nice!
Love it!

floots said...

well done
(and more to come i hope)

charlie said...

Just what is that fantastic creature, polona? It has a vaguely human form, as an alien might.

polona said...

thank you, aurora!
the difficult part was to spot it in the first place, it didn't mind posing for the shot :)
and when i passed the same spot a couple of days later it was still there.

thanks, margie. glad you do (not many people love insects :))

thanks, floots - i thought you'd like stuff like this
you bet there's more to come (what would you like first - arachnida or coleoptera :))

charlie - it's a praying mantis.
i'm not sure about the exact species (the common european mantis is usually green, but perhaps it's just a variety)

floots said...

just bring 'em on - any order you like :)

charlie said...

Aaah, pity the poor male!

polona said...

at your service, floots :)

yep, they are true man-eaters, the females...