Friday, September 01, 2006

hey, yew

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charlie said...

Hey, yew, it's a bird's eye view!

floots said...

(but you are too modest - it's a better shot) :)
i don't feel so bad now that my next two post include jackdaw shots
i told you that i'd been trying to capture them
i love to think how a satellite camera could spot us both
simultaneously but independently
taking shots of similar things
long may we continue

samuru999 said...

Love it!

Masago said...

Dualing photographers! Very nice.

MB said...

Goodness, that's a similar shot to Floots', isn't it! Nicely done!

polona said...

bird's eye to fish eye :)

ah, floots, we could argue about whose shot is better (i still prefer yours), but i don't think it would make any sense :)
you're free to post as many jackdaw shots as you wish (i'm only sorry about your posts i'll miss)
amen to the rest.

thank you, margie!

seems like things are heating up around here :)
but i'll have to pull out for a while.

mb - yes it is! :)
thank you, and welcome!