Sunday, January 31, 2010


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quilly said...

Yikes! Too much! I am sorry.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Whoopsy! Looks like Martian terrain!

Alenka said...

Sneg, ki pobeli vse. In zmede ptice, a ne za dolgo. Pri nas je bil ves dan velik promet v hišici na balkonu. To bo petja!

get zapped said...

I love the pattern! Simply beautiful.

Magyar said...

Density's puzzel! Puzzel's density?

Lovit! _m

polona said...

quilly - at the moment it's still pretty except for the mountains of dirty ploughed-away or shovelled snow in the most inconvenient places, not to mention half of the already sparse parking lots are occupied by said snow

rak - just a tree covered in fresh snow

alenka - ja, ptice so vesele vsake pomoči, a pojejo vsem, tudi tistim, ki se jih ne spomnijo (ampak taki tega ponavadi niti ne opazijo)
sneg v mestu je pa sama zgaga!

get zapped - pleased you do - it's just a snowy tree crown

magyar - whichever way, it works :)
thank you

jem said...

Beautiful. It's more like a pattern than a coherent object. Love the extreme of the black and the white.