Friday, August 18, 2006


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Anonymous said...

Black Swan or Mucky Duck - dignity above, less so below. Bit like life, in truth :o)

The Site Administrator said...

Do you have Black Swans over there, Polona? I thought they were native to Australia. The Black Swan is the official state emblem of Western Australia. Nice shot by the way.

Masago said...

What a beauty...imagine being one of those and getting a sore throat!

grumplestiltskin said...

when i lived in devon (england)
there were black swans in a town nearby
lovely birds
nice shot

polona said...

the mucky duck story has supposedly a happy ending - but is it in fact so?... yeah, bit like life...

karasu, as far as i know, some black swans were transplanted to europe, and there is a thriving population in the uk (floots' words confirm that). there was a breeding pair in the botanic garden where i took this pic, but i haven't seen them this year. i'm quite sure the swan in the photo is one of their last year's offspring. i posted this after i saw your black swan photo and remembered i'd taken this one back in may.

thank you, masago... you made me smile (guess being a giraffe with a sore throat would be even worse :))

so i was right in thinking there were black swans in the uk
thank you, floots!