Thursday, November 26, 2009

photographing a photographer

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quilly said...

Love that living red carpet!

Devika said...

I would say you got it better than her...Lovely :)

Photographing -- a typo in title, Polona, (if I place it, i can't go without saying :)


polona said...

quilly - yes, it was quite spectacular.

dev - who knows?
(corrected the typo)

Magyar said...

Not aware of what these fields are... the erronous thought of cranberries and their bogs comes to mind.

polona said...

magyar - this photo, as well as a few others i featured before was taken at an abandoned salt pan on the adriatic coast. if i'm not mistaken, the weed covering it is common glasswort (salicornia europaea) and it turns vivid red in autumn.

jem said...

I hope she got one of you too.
Love that carpet of colour between you.