Tuesday, November 03, 2009

over the rooftops

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quilly said...

Wonderful perspective. The houses all look a jumble facing every which way, but they are uniform in roof. Except the surprising perfection of that tower emerging above the mele at the right.

Alenka said...

Zeleno in rdeče
drevo prek rdečih streh
v dotiku z morjem.

Devika said...

Its a great sight to sea over the rooftops -- Fine shot, Polona :)

It looks much like a place I've been down in south,


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Ah! Looks more like the place I wanna settle down at!

Devika said...

By God...Rak, u serious?? or gone crank?? Leaving Ooty for this place!!??

Polona, this Rakesh is my brother....sorry, but couldn't help using this space -- i can't get to know this young boy! :)


iriz said...

love the horizon and i could feel the warm sunlight. yeah, nice place to stay. nice shot! :)

polona said...

thank you all.
the houses in these old coastal towns are crammed together and only separeted by narrow streets... it is a nice place to spend some time

oh, and devika - i figured rak and you are somehow related but didn't know he is your brother :)

Devika said...

ok, Polona....to be exact -- brother, not of blood, but of kinship :)