Saturday, January 24, 2009

winter day

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Alenka said...

De┼żniki obetajo pomlad.
Krasna fotka!

Janice Thomson said...

That seems so funny - umbrellas in the snow :) A neat photo Polona.

KOSTAS said...

Excellent photo!
Very good the subject with earthy colours!
Great post!

quilly said...

This is a portrait of dismal! Were you in a safe neighborhood? OR was it just the weather making it seem so ominous?

Margie said...

As Janice said...a neat photo!

I just went through your latest pictures Polona, and they are all so good!
You are a very good photographer.

Take care!


Devika said...

It seemed a rainy day, but snow still there...

Very life-like photo, Polona..Loved it :)

Good to see this; how could you say you were uninspired? :)


polona said...

thank you all.

after the snow came rainy days and it was raining heavily when i took this photo.
and yes, the place is perfectly safe but hooligans with spray paint are everywhere and the weather enhances the bleakness.

get zapped said...

Very interesting piece. It's painterly and a normal everyday scene and yet, mysterious. Fascinating!

Jaime said...

What an interesting many elements and colours..a feast for the eyes.

jem said...

Very bleak - but I love the way there is mess all around - the slushy snow, the graffiti - but still those clean and somehow ladylike umbrellas.