Saturday, January 03, 2009

frozen traces

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quilly said...

It is difficult to pass unnoticed in winter time.

I love this photo -- the starkness of the light on the snow and the barren track speak of the cold.

Janice Thomson said...

The lighting is awesome in this one - the colours superb - well done Polona!

bart said...

winter, with snow and frost, always seems to be bringing new forms and ideas along with it... lovely photos, thank you :-)

Devika said...

Loved that photo...

Very unique, Polona..

Your creativity is definitely back with a bang :)


jem said...

I love this image. It sums up peace and calm to me. Although I imagine I would be very cold here, I could easily spend happy hours watching and following these trails.

tarek mohmed said...

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get zapped said...

So beautiful and soothing.