Sunday, January 11, 2009

today's flowers

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bart said...

ohhh, these crystals are so lovely... this is a fantastic shot polona, very special indeed :-)

firebird said...

This is fabulous! I never saw such beautiful ice crystals, and you show them so beautifully!

Margie said...



Devika said...

what "flowers" are they, Polona? looked like frozen mustard leaves :)

The photo is as superb as any of yours, dear


quilly said...

I love these! The Ice Queen has been working over time this winter and now I see Jack Frost has been, too!

get zapped said...

Love the delicate petals. Nice play with the season.

Jaime said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!!!
I wish so much that we got weather cold enough to form crystals like this...a macro photographer's dream.

Love this love this

jem said...

Stunning. I'm not saying I'd like it to be colder where I like, but it might almost be worth it to see things like this.