Monday, October 02, 2006

gone fisin'

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charlie said...

I could write a fable about this gable. All texture and monochrome with a doorway to a top floor world of rafters and beams, straw and dust, of mice and men. Great shot, polona.

floots said...

looks like a shot from the magnificent seven :)

polona said...

i figure you could, charlie. and a good one, too, i'm sure.
however, these shots are my way of trying to tell a story and i'm pleased that some of them speak to you... thank you as always.

many of these old buildings are vacant. many locals emigrated after WWII, mostly to australia or the states (there's a strong community on california) in search of a better living. their descendants are scattered all over the globe, and most will probably never return to the island.

many thanks, floots
...only it's not in mexico (if i'm not mistaken the movie was shot there) but on vis (the town of komiža to be exact)