Sunday, July 12, 2009

construction (maybe)

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quilly said...

Hello? Anybody home?

goatman said...

The polar crane. They may be extinct, or soon to be.
Much building in your area?

Devika Jyothi said...

Good photo, Polona...Construction or's all part of progress,

though personally I don't like that type of colleagues used to scorn at me -- civil construction being our profession :)

oh so much blah blah...perhaps I am not getting enough chance to talk with you! :)

come back fast, Polona..test and things are part of life...If we go for it, we are set to overcome :)

and I am sure you are through with those,


polona said...

thanks, guys, for continuing to be patient with me (or not)

yep, i'm home after being away for a few days.

and sorry for still not being around... of course, the test is long behind me (successfully, if i may add) but the frantic pace at work has continued much longer than i expected. and now i find i don't miss blogging at all... well, i miss my virtual friends but other than that... i'm completely deprived of any inspiration. it should be summer here but until a couple of days ago we had nothing but continuous rain and cold for a full month and i can't say how sick i am of such weather!

as for this photo, it was a view i had from my apartment at a spa, and the sky was indeed that dramatic (taken just before the sunset minutes after a wild thunderstorm passed us)! in the three days i was there we had perhaps 12 dry hours altogether (of which the sun showed up for maybe 4, probably less), all the rest was rain in every shape and form you can imagine. madness!

Devika Jyothi said...

ho! finally :)

I understand, Polona...its been so much of a mad summer here...and monsoon have not yet hit this part of India, still....I was goind mad, mad and mad....!!

no going out..and the haven of blogland was only relief, despite its periodic lull! :)

hope to see more of you, Polona :)