Sunday, February 15, 2009


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Alenka said...

To, to, to ...
saj bo, saj bo,
saaaj booooo!

Krasna panor-ama.
Amo, amas, amat ... (lat., prav spregam?)

Lepo za─Źni teden, Polona! Pozdrav!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! That looks like the picture on the cover of a puzzle box. It is, isn't it?

Devika Jyothi said...

Enlarged it to see, lovely snow-topped mountains --

where is it, Polona?
"Awakening" is a word i often associate with mountain ranges :)


Rakesh Vanamali said...

This is such a fantastic picture! I so much wish I could travel there! Someday! Hopefully!

jem said...

This feels so big. I hope that makes sense. It's really very panoramic - and so much depth and width and height. It makes me feel very small. But not in a bad way :)

get zapped said...