Wednesday, February 20, 2008

slip slidin' away

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floots said...

that cold weathe brought you some great shots :)

Margie said...

Great shots, indeed!
Thank you, Polona!


Janice Thomson said...

Stunning photo Polona! Love the detail of the ice.

polona said...

floots: cold nights, mainly. days are quite warm.
thank you

margie: i appreciate your words. thank you

janice: many thanks, janice

jem said...

Busy week, behind on my blog reading. Sorry for lack of more thorough commenting.

A great batch of photos as ever, but this is my favourite. I love the way its like the water is carrying the leaf away, but then you realise there is no movement, its frozen. That seems to symbolize a lot to me ;)

Paul said...

where flows the river,
to what end
does it meander ?

polona said...

jem: no problem, i understand.
thank you for your kind words as ever and... the leaf was actually sliding on the ice carried by the wind so in fact there was movement
thank you as always

paul: that was quite beautiful, thank you. and a question we all ask at times...