Saturday, February 23, 2008

early visitor

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Janice Thomson said...

Fantastic photo Polona! Is that a Dutch Iris popping up or a crocus?
Love seeing the pollen grains.

floots said...

what a shot
thank you

jem said...

Stunning. Those bursts of colour from among the brown leaves. Perhaps my early bee visitor sent a message to yours?! ;) And I have some crocuses that have suddenly popped up too - without planning or planting.

polona said...

janice: too soon for the irises... after all, it's still winter although it feels like spring
it's a crocus alright.
thank you

floots: wow, thanks.

jem: life is an amazing thing, isn't it? as soon as it is given the tiniest chance, it bursts out with a vengeance...
thank you

Queen Neetee said...

The textures of life are abound her.

What a beautiful composition!

polona said...

queen neetee: i appreciate your words very much. thank you!