Wednesday, August 15, 2007

just a wall

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Anonymous said...

that's not a wall, polona, that's a delight. wonderful textures and the faces! a really, really good shot. try it again if and when you get that SLR

polona said...

isn't it interesting how the simplest of things sometimes turn out to be the most effective!
and most people never notice things like that...
yep, i think i'll go back to that wall some time

floots said...

i agree with you both
(and me agreeing with anyone is unusual) :)

get zapped said...

I really love this. So colorful and solid.

polona said...

floots: well, in that case i take it as a fine compliment :)

get zapped: thank you. i suppose i should do more such stuff :)

fotoface said...

well some had to build it.
and maybe it could tell a story or too.
nice shot.
bet you didn't realize how we all would comment so much.

polona said...

fotoface: what you say is true.
i simply liked the textures, that's why i posted it :)