Sunday, August 19, 2007


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goatman said...

Watch out for that bee!!
This is a truly great shot.
You encourage me to get out and do some bug-hunting to see what they are doing in this heat of summer.

How has your country changed since 1992 when the wall came down?

Anonymous said...

that's an astonishing shot, polona. you should submit it to a competition or similar

polona said...

goatman: many thanks. and yes, do that.:)

well, we actually gained independence in 1991 when yugoslavia broke apart (but it was internationally acknowledged at the beginning of 1992). changes were gradual and thus not so apparent but we did enter the EU in 2004 and the euro zone at the beginning of this year, so there was some progress.

anonyprize: i appreciate that although luck factor must be invovled with shots like this.
not good enough to enter any competition, though.
just as a sample what photographers do, here's a link to a slovenian site

i'm afraid you won't understand much but it is worth browsing through the 'gallery'. some macros are truly fantastic (but then again, people have appropriate cameras and equipment... and knowlege)

fotoface said...

go get them girl !!
lovely ,wonderful.....