Saturday, May 02, 2009


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quilly said...

Wonderful composition! I love the lines of the branches, the blurred back ground and the beauty of the snail shell in all of that starkness. Superior shot!

My lenses came today! I went out to the garden and made a couple of test shots, and now will race through my housework so I can go play! I want to take the zoom lens to the beach and see about shooting some water play!

Devika said...

Classic shot, Polona :)


Frank Williams said...

Another cracking shot. Unless my eyes deceive me, your swan is in the background?

polona said...

thanks, guys.
and yes, that's one of the swans int he background :)

Janice Thomson said...

Another spectacular shot Polona. Excellent composition and focus.

jem said...

I love that vague swan in the background, it's almost like the ghost of a swan.