Monday, August 11, 2008


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quilly said...

Pretty kitty. Contemplating sunbeams and the possibilities of naps.

Jenn: said...

Where does he teach, because I will pay any fee! This hits a cord with me.

Orange cats, they understand things.

Things we would be privilaged to know.

Indrani said...

Your pet??
So graceful!

Is it true: orange cats understand things?

Jules~ said...

What a handsome Mr. Kitty. He really looks peaceful. Cats can come up with the most amazing and intelligent looks.

Ulla said...

Well it's a she and she's not that kind at all, she was just lazy here. And yes orange cats do understand things - she's sooooo selfminded she doesn't care if you want something from her. Tha only thing she cares about is her own good times and food ofcourse ;).

And it's a little bright but nice picture Pi, !


"Because there is already cattyness inside you, you just see the cat"
i will call him plato...
he is saying
"all knowledge is just remembrance"

Jaime said...

Oh what a PERFECT title for this photo!!!
Is this your little kitty?