Friday, July 28, 2006

something in common

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charlie said...

He's just a dedicated follower of fashion.

samuru999 said...

Yes... something in commom!
Love this!!!!

floots said...

what is the one on the left
great pic

MMM said...

How embarrasing to be at the same garden party wearing almost the same outfit!

Plus Ultra said...

Floots said it all, that was Wow to the power of a billion, I like that very very much!

Aurora said...

Polona, you take the best pictures!

Masago said...


polona said...

could be, charlie (don'tknow that much about fashion but red is always in for me)

actually more in common than i initially thought... thank you, samuru!

megathanks, floots!
i had to do a little research to answer your question, though (told you once entomology was greek to me and meant it in both senses)
the little fella's scientific name is trichodes apiarius a.k.a. bee beetle

makes one want to shed his skin... thanks, mmm!

plus ultra, thar's most kind. thank you!

now i'm lost for words... thank you, aurora!

vaughn :)